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Tycon Solar TPS-12-30W Heavy Duty Solar Solar Panel 12V 30W

Part: TPS-12-30

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SKU: TPS-12-30W

Tycon Solar TPS-12-30W Heavy Duty Solar Solar Panel 12V 30W

The TPS series solar panels are high efficiency designs with excellent low light performance. The multicrystalline silicon solar cells from Germany are laminated with a TPT (Tedlar/Polyester/Tedlar) and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) bi-layer for high reliability and long life. The cell array is sealed in a heavy duty extruded aluminum frame with a high transparency low iron tempered glass cover to protect the solar cells from harsh environments; hail, wind, snow and ice. The solar panels are easy to mount because of the aluminum frame design. The wired connections are via a weatherproof junction box on the back of the panels.


  • Battery Charging Applications
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Remote Sensors
  • Backup Power Systems

  • Maximum Power (+/-5%): 30W
  • Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 17.2V
  • Current at Pmax (Imp): 1.74A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 1.93A
  • Short Circuit I Temp Coeff: .065% / °C
  • Open Circuit V Temp Coeff: -80mV / °C
  • Output Power Temp Coeff: 0.5%/°C
  • Wind Survivability 201kph: (125mph)
  • Hailstone Survivability:1” @ 50mph
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • Continuous Power Capability: (6hrs average sunlight per day) 8W
  • Size: 541 x 510 x 30mm (21.3 x 20 x 1.2”)
  • Weight: 3.8kg (8.4lb)

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