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Orientek TIP-400V deluxe Fiber Optic Connector Inspection Video Scope/Probe, Connector Inspector with handheld display.

Part: TIP-400V

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  • TIP-400V consists of 2.5inch video display and 700A probe with one-way focus control, small and portable set let the operation easier anywhere anytime, tailoring for network maintenance perfectly.
  • TIP-400V probe is of high performance fiber end face inspection probe. Compared with traditional tools, its unique single-way of focus control greatly simplifies the work. No matter left or right hand, forward or backward operation, it can quickly get the end ace inspected and displayed clearly.2.5inch display has video record/voice editing/image capture/zoom/grid judgment/storage etc., assorted function. It can also easily access to PC or laptop through SD card equipped with. Thereby small display can be taken and recorded anywhere with ease.
  • Overall, TIP-400V microscope is smart, quick and convenient for both in-doors and out-doors operation, displaying high-definition fiber end face image to end user


  • 400× Magnification Ability,less more 1um Resolution.

  • 2.5 Inch Monitor support in Video record/Voice editing/Image Capture/Zoom out &in function/File Generated &Stored/Grid Judgment.

  • 27 assorted of tips available to have both PC and APC end face inspection.

  • 60°angle tips to test multiple types of connectors in many hard-to-access places or bottom of patch panel.

  • Ability to inspect MPO/MTP etc PC and APC multiple cores end face.

  • SD card inside the monitor can be easily access to PC or laptop. Optional Software Function for end face data analyze and judgment based on different IEC criteria.

  • Precise cone contact to reach 98% alignment consistency.


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