Antenna 3 Ghz / 3Ghz Sector

ITelite SECTOR35016dual 2x16 dBi Sectorial Gain 3.5 GHz Band Sector Antenna

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  • Sector antenna enclosure working in 3.5 GHz band with two independent sector antennas with 16 dBi gain with vertical and horizontal polarization. It is the ideal solution for MIMO configuration.There is a mounting kit for Ubiquiti Rocket optionally. Perfectly designed for operation under severe weather conditions. A proper materials allow operation in the salt water environment without corrosion. Professional mounting system with 0-15 degrees scale guarantees easy and smooth tilt down as well as rock-stable operation.

  • 2x 16 dBi Sectorial Gain
  • Dual Polarization in One Case
  • Special Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure 
  • Highest Ingress Protection IP 67
  • High Quality Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements
  • Easy Elevation and Tilt Adjustment
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Designed for All Weather Operation
  • 3.5 GHz Band Wireless 
  • MIMO
  • Point to Multipoint Applications

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