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Multi-WAN with Bandwidth Management


All these 4xGbps WAN ports support current xDSL/Cable/Satellite broadband and the USB port also allows connection to the 3.5G Mobile Broadband. The WAN ports can be configured to increase data throughput, backup each other (Failover mode), or share the traffic (Load Balance). If you have your own Web server, FTP server and mail server, the 4 WAN ports will provide additional bandwidth for customers. In addition, the 1xGbps LAN port switch compatible with PoE switch (e.g. VigorSwitch P2260) and Gigabit switch (e.g. VigorSwitch G2080/G2240) can support large data transfer and connect to multiple client devices (PC/servers) in small to medium LAN networks.

Vigor3200 series embedded with tag-based multi-subnet function can maximize the investment of your obtained bandwidth. For example, you can allocate your 100Mbps broadband connection(s) to timing critical applications such as VoIP, web or ftp severs and business essential departments such as Sales and Technical Support team. You additional low monthly fee DSL or cable line can be used by mail server or HR team which don’t need fast data/voice packet transmission for daily operation. SMB can get highly cost-effective and secure network as adopting Vigor3200 series.


USB Port for 3.5G or FTP/Printer Server


The capability of the USB port to connect to 3.5G mobile broadband means that the router can be used in anywhere with 3.5G coverage, such as moving vehicles, temporary events, offices where xDSL or Cable are not available, etc.

Apart from supporting printer servers, the USB port also allows the connection of a USB disk or hard drive for FTP file transfer through the Internet or local networks. The network administrator can set username/password and directory/file access privilege for individual users.

 DMZ Port for providing servers with extra protection

The DMZ port of Vigor3200 series can provide additional layer protection to servers, such as Web server, which need to expose resources from untrusted network: e.g. Internet but also have uncompromising internal LAN security requirements.

Through the user-friendly WUI of Vigor3200 series, admin can activate DMZ by NAT or Physical mode to the chosen server. That would makes external attacks only have access to the external-facing equipment in the DMZ, not entire LAN to insert extra layer of protection to SMB’s internal network.


Security Firewall


The Vigor3200 series offer you robust firewall options with both IP-layer and content-based protection. The DoS/DDoS prevention and URL/Web content filter strengthen the security outside and inside the network. The enterprise-level CSM (Content Security Management) enables users to control and manage IM (Instant Messenger) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) applications more efficiently. The CSM hence prevents inappropriate content from distracting employees and impeding productivity. Furthermore, the CSM can keep office networks threat-free and available.

Comprehensive VPN

Up to 64 simultaneous hardware based VPN tunnels are supported providing a throughput up to 40Mbps. Each of these can be configured to use any of the common VPN protocols: PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec, etc., and with any of the most up-to-date encryption (MPPE, AES/DES/3DES), Authentication (MD5, SHA-1), Pre-shared Key, Digital Signature (X.509). These tunnels can be used for LAN-to-LAN or remote dial-in. 


Advanced WLAN


The Vigor3200n model includes a built-in 802.11n Wireless Access Point (WAP) delivering wireless network speed up to 300Mbps. For upmost security, it supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 (64bit/128bit), MAC Address Access Control, 4 x SSID, 802.1x Authentication and WLAN Isolation. Other enhanced features include: WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to extend the coverage range, Wireless Rate Control to manage bandwidth allocation to wireless devices, and WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) to prioritize voice, video and data within the WLAN network.

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