C-DATA FD1208S-B0 1U Rack-Mounted 8-PON Ports EPON OLT

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EPON OLT FD1208S-B0 completely meet relative standards of IEEE 802.3x and FSAN. The equipment is a 1U rack-mounted device, providing 1 USB interface, 4 uplink GE ports, 4 uplink SFP ports, 4 10-gigabit uplink ports and 8 EPON ports. Single port supports 1:64 splitting ratio. System support 512 EPON terminals accessing in for the most.

This product meets the requirements in device performance and size of compact server room as the product has high performance and compact size, is convenient and flexible to use, and is easy to deploy as well. Moreover, the product meets the requirements of promoting network performance, improving reliability and reducing power consumption in the perspective of access network and enterprise network and is applicable to three-in-one broadcast television network, FTTP (Fiber to the premise), video monitoring network, enterprise LAN (Local Area Network), internet of things and other network applications with a very high price/performance ratio.


  • Meet IEEE3x standard and relative EPON standards of Chinese Communication Industry
  • Support OAM remote management for ONT/ONU, compatible with IEEE 3x OAM Protocol
  • 1U height 8PON OLT product in compact design of Pizza-Box
  • Layer 2 Switching Function

OLT equips with very powerful layer 2 Full Wire Speed Switching and completely supports layer 2 protocol.  OLT supports varieties of layer 2 functions like TRUNK, VLAN, rate limit, port isolate, queue technology, flow control technology, ACL and so on, which provides technical guarantee for the development of multi-service integrated.

QOS Guarantee

  • It can provide various QoS for EPON system, which can meet different QoS requirements for delay, jitter, and packet loss rate of different service flows.

Easy-to-Use Management System

  • Support management method of CLI, WEB, SNMP, TELNET, SSH and meet OAM standard, through OAM channel protocol service management can be realized, including ONT function parameter set, Qos parameters, configuration information request, performance statistics, auto-reporting of running events in system, configuration for ONT from OLT, fault diagnosis and management of performance and safety.


  • Rack - 1U 19 inch standard box

Uplink Port

  • QTY    
    • 12
  • Copper    
    • 10/100/1000M auto-negotiable,RJ45:4pcs
  • Optical interface    
    • 4 GE
  • 10Gb uplink interface    
    • 4*10Gb

PON Port

  • QTY    
    • 8
  • Physical Interface    
    • SFP Slots
  • Connector Type    
    • 1000BASE-PX20+
  • Max splitting ratio    
    • 1:64

USB Port    

  • QTY  
  • 1x Type-C

Management Ports    

  • 1  100/1000 BASE-Tx out-band Ethernet port
  • 1  CONSOLE local management port

Management Mode    

  • SNMP, Telnet, CLI management mode.

Management Function    

  • Fan Group Detecting
  • Port Status monitoring and configuration management;
  • Layer-2 switch configuration such as Vlan, Trunk, RSTP, IGMP ,QOS, etc;
  • EPON management function: DBA, ONU authorization, ACL, QOS, etc;
  • Online ONU configuration and management
  • User management
  • Alarm management

Layer-two Switch    

  • Support port VLan and protocol Vlan
  • Support Vlan tag/Untag ,vlan transparent transmission;
  • Support 4096 VLAN
  • Support 802.3dd trunk
  • RSTP
  • QOS based on port ,VID,TOS and MAC address
  • IGMP Snooping
  • 802.x flow control
  • Port stability statistic and monitoring

Layer-three Route    

  • Support static routing protocol
  • Support dynamic RIP protocol
  • Support dhcp-relay function
  • Support vlanif interface configuration


  • 440mm(L)*298mm(W)*44mm(H)


  • 4.50kg


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