Antenna 5 Ghz / 5Ghz Directional

NetPoint Antennas NP2-Gen2 Parabolic Directional Antennas PtP 34dBi With RP-SMA cables

Part: NP2-Gen2

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Model: NP2-GEN2

An ideal medium distance link for WISP growth of up to 43.49mi on your PTP trunk links.

Standard parabolic antenna for high gain point-to-point linkd up to 70 kilometers including pigtails.

Antenna Type           Directional Parabolic Reflector 
Frecuency                4.9 - 6.4 GHz 
Connector Type        Female N 
Gain (dBi)                 Low 32.5 - Medium 33.5 - High 34.5 
VSWR HPOL            <1.3 2
Beamwidth VPOL     3.84 º 
Beamwidth HPOL     3.84 º 
Return Loss              14 
ISO (dB)                    30 
Radius F/B (dB)        40
Polarization               Dual - Slant 45 º 

Wind resistance speed (k/h)             200 
Azimuth Adjustment {º)                     360 
Elevation Adjustment {º)                   + - 15 
Suggested Mast Diameter                50 -70, 100 -114 
Operating Temperature {C º)            De -45 to+ 60 
Gross Weight (Kg)                           10.5
Net Weight (Kg)                                9.5
RF cable N a RPSMA NetPoint        60 cm {Up to 8 GHz) 

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