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WatchGuard Firebox M290 Network Security appliance with 3 years Total Security Suite

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Firebox M290 Network Security appliance with 3 years Total Security Suite

  • Enterprise-Grade Security for Small to Midsize Businesses

Because smaller companies are generally less protected and easier to break into, small business has become the new big target for cyberattacks. The Firebox M290 and M390 firewalls are specifically engineered to defend all types of small businesses against attacks that are no less fierce than those targeting larger organizations. Our unique product architecture enables small and midsize businesses to leverage best-in-class security services – from URL filtering and intrusion prevention to application control and ransomware prevention, minus the cost and complexity of multiple single-point solutions.

  • Quick and Simple Deployment

With WatchGuard Cloud, IT staff can create and store configuration data in the Cloud (public or private) and have the appliance directly shipped to its destination. Once the device arrives, it
can connect to the Cloud for a secure download of its configuration settings, saving your staff travel time and money.

  • Automation To The Core

WatchGuard Firebox M Series appliances are designed with automation to the core, allowing your IT team to do more with less. The WatchGuard Automation Core makes it possible to
deploy from the Cloud, block threats, update signatures, and detect and kill malware, all without lifting a finger.

  • Unified Security Defeats Complexity

The WatchGuard Unified Security Platform™ is a true force multiplier for IT teams. It makes operational ease possible by integrating the WatchGuard Firebox with WatchGuard’s authentication, endpoint security, and Wi-Fi solutions to enable comprehensive, multi-layered security. Unifying security into a single platform unlocks efficiencies simply not possible with siloed systems, allowing for automation of frequent manual tasks that take up time.

  • A Cloud’s-Eye View of Your Entire Network

WatchGuard Cloud provides full visibility into your network so that you can make timely, informed, and effective decisions about your network security anywhere, anytime. The platform displays 100+ dashboards and reports that allow you to quickly see high-level trends and anomalies, then drill down into detailed information on each.

  • Expansion Modules For Greater Port Density

The Firebox M Series provides expansion bays that can be used to add network modules to define a configuration that meets the needs of almost any network configuration. Each appliance has an open module bay for expansion modules, with options for 4 x 1 Gb copper, 4 x SFP, 2 x SFP+, or 4 x 1/2.5/5 Gb multispeed ports. Network modularity empowers IT pros to customize the port configuration to meet their needs, while ensuring the flexibility to adapt the firewall as their network evolves.

Features & Benefits

  • Enterprise-grade prevention, detection, correlation and response from the perimeter to the endpoint with our Total Security Suite.
  • Gain critical insights about network security, from anywhere and at any time, with WatchGuard Cloud.
  • Built-in compliance reports, including PCI and HIPAA, mean one-click access to the data you need to ensure compliance requirements are met.
  • Up to 18 Gbps firewall throughput. Turn on all additional security services and still see up to 2.4 Gbps throughput.


  • UTM (full scan)
    • 1.18 Gbps
  • VPN (IMIX)
    • 800 Mbps
  • HTTPS (IPS enabled)
    • 696 Mbps
  • AntiVirus
    • 1.47 Gbps
  • IPS (full scan)
    • 1.3 Gbps
  • Firewall (UDP 1518)
    • 5.8 Gbps
  • VPN (UDP 1518)
    • 2.4 Gbps


  • Interfaces 10/100/1000    
    • 8x1 Gb
  • I/O interfaces    
    • 1 serial/2 USB
  • Concurrent connections    
    • 3,500,000
  • New connections per second    
    • 34,000
  • VLANs    
    • 100
  • WSM licenses (incl)    
    • 4
  • TDR Host Sensors included    
    • 75

VPN Tunnels

  • Branch Office VPN    
    • 75
  • Mobile VPN
    • 75

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