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Aluratek eco4life SmartHome WiFi Security Camera with night vision, motion detection, 2 way Audio (ASHC02F) 2-Units + SmartHome WiFi Outlet Plug (ASHP01F) 2-Units

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Aluratek eco4life SmartHome WiFi Security Camera with night vision - motion detection - 2 way Audio (ASHC02F)

The Aluratek SmartHome WiFi Security Camera streams real-time video of your home, pets and family through your smartphone. Does your pet keep scratching up your favorite piece of furniture. Using the two-way audio feature, you can tell them to stop from anywhere! Keep your mind at ease when you’re travelling with the camera's night vision capability and check-in on the live stream at any time of day. Be the first to know of an intruder. The camera sends instant notifications to your smartphone when movement is detected.

Connected 24/7

  • Monitor your home with 24/7 surveillance. Using a WiFi connection, the SmartHome WiFi Security Camera can be fully controlled using the Eco4Life mobile app from any location Check-in on your yard, family members or pets whenever you please.

Night Vision

  • Watch your live stream at any time of day even at night. The camera will detect low light situations and switch to night vision while maintaining a clear picture.

Motion Detection Notifications

  • Receive instant notifications right to your smartphone if there is movement detected in view of your SmartHome WiFi Security Camera.

Two-Way Audio

  • Using your smartphone, enjoy two-way audio to tell your dog to behave or your cat to stop scratching your furniture while you’re away. Check in on the kids and say good night while away on business.

Local Storage

  • Use an SD memory card* to store all of your footage to make sure you keep track of any suspicious movement caught on your camera. View video playback right from your smartphone. Take screenshots from any video frame.



  • Use the remote management feature to stay connected with your home 24/7!
  • Be the first to know if there is movement on your camera with motion detection notifications
  • Using the night vision capability you can keep track of your front porch, living room, or side gate even when it’s dark
  • The programmable sleep mode feature allows you to set a timer for sleep-mode when you are home and don’t need surveillance
  • Use a SD memory card to keep footage stored for later-use
  • 1 year warranty



Aluratek eco4life SmartHome WiFi Outlet Plug (ASHP01F)

Aluratek's SmartHome WiFi Outlet Plug allows you to control your lights, electronics and small appliances from anywhere. Just plug in the SmartHome WiFi Outlet Plug into your existing wall outlet, plug in your favorite devices and control with the Eco4Life smartphone app. The SmartHome WiFi Outlet Plug is perfect for fans, air conditioners, coffee machines, lamps or any small appliance.

Enjoy the convenience of powering on your devices from virtually anywhere in the world. Want to cool down your house before you get home? Just open up the smartphone app, and power on your air conditioner, make a cup of coffee or turn on your entry hall light all before arriving home. You can program as many devices as you want and group them together within the application to power on at once. Compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to power on or off any device of your choosing with just the sound of your voice.

  • Control from anywhere

Using a WiFi connection, the Smart Home Outlet Plug can be fully controlled from anywhere. Want to cool down your home prior to arriving? Turn on your fan or air conditioning, make a cup of coffee, or turn on your entry light all on your way home.

  • Voice Control

Use your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your SmartHome Outlet Plug from the comfort of your couch using only your voice.

  • Smart Timers

As the seasons comes and goes, easily schedule timers for your electrical devices and appliances to turn on automatically right from the smartphone app. Group multiple devices in one room and you’ll be able to turn them all off or on with one swipe.

  • Easy, no hassle set-up

Without the need for a hub, you can enjoy quick and easy set-up with no additional equipment needed.


  • Control your small appliances from anywhere using the eco4life smartphone app
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
  • Smart timers and scheduling allow you to program your outlet to turn on automatically
  • No wires, no hassle set-up
  • 1 year limited warranty



  • WiFi connection

Tech Specs:

  • Connectivity: eco4life smartphone app, WiFi, USB

  • Application support: Android / iOS


  • 1 Year

Dimensions / Weight:

  • 2 x 1.25 x 3.5" (5 x 3.2 x 9 cm) / 2 oz.

Package Contents:

  • SmartHome WiFi Security Camera

  • USB Cable

  • Quick Start Guide




  • Wall outlet

  • WiFi connection


  • Connectivity: eco4life smartphone app, WiFi

  • Input: 120V-AC 60HZ 10A

  • Output: 120V-AC 10A Max

  • Output Power: 1200W Max

  • Application support: Android / iOS


  • 1 Year


  • 1.5 x 1.875 x 2.25" (3.8 x 4.7 x 5.7 cm) / 2 oz.


  • SmartHome Wifi Outlet Plug

  • Quick Start Guide

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Qty: 2 x Part: ASHC02F
Aluratek Eco4life ASHC02F SmartHome WiFi security camera night vision motion detection 2-way audio
Qty: 2 x Part: ASHP01F
Aluratek eco4life smarthome WiFi outlet plug ASHP01F 1200W Max 120V-AC Amazon Alexa and Google