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Fanvil X3U 8-units Enterprise IP Phone 6 SIP Lines Dual Gigabit Ports Integrated PoE 3 Line Keys with LED Light and HD Audio w/ Dinstar DAG2000-16S VoIP Gateway 16 Ports FXS Analog, ideal cost-effective Gigabit IP phone system.

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DAG2000-16FXS analog gateway are versatile IP-based voice and fax gateway. For small business, the family office, remote office and branch business provide a low cost, simple operation VoIP solutions. Connected analog phone, fax, PBX with standard voice interface and provide quality voice service.

DAG2000-16FXS VoIP access gateway use standard SIP protocol and compatible with Leading IMS/NGN platform, IPPBX and SIP servers.


  • Support SIP/MGCP

  • Primary/Backup SIP Servers

  • Flexible Routing and Manipulation

  • Support Modem/POS

  • Elastix/Broadsoft Certification

  • Support IPv4 and IPv6

  • Data/ Voice/ Management VLAN

  • SNMP/TR069/Provision

  • Cloud-based Management System and Bandwidth Optimization

X3U Enterprise IP Phone

As an ideal cost-effective Gigabit IP phone, Fanvil X3U provides the direct access to instructions with the intuitive design of high-resolution color display and newly increased line keys, offering you greater flexibility, productivity, to exceed the different demands of businesses. Wideband codec of G.722 and Opus in this device deliver you an immersive HD audio experience in both high band and low band with the network.

High-definition Audio - High-efficiency Work

Given to wideband codec G.722 and Opus, HD audio in Fanvil X3U enables you to enjoy a crystal-clear and high-efficient group communication.

Elegant Outlook - Easy Operation

Housing a more intuitive design with a HD 2.8-inch 320x240 color display, Fanvil X3U allows a smoother feature customization and a more user-friendly operation.

Greater Interoperability and Collaboration

Matched with EHS wireless headset through EHS cable, Fanvil X3U is designed to encourage your flexibility on work.

Dinstar VoIP Gateway DAG2000-16S

Physical Interfaces

  • Phone Interface: 16FXS, RJ-11
  • Ethernet Interface:
  • 4* RJ-45 10/100Mbps, RJ-45

Voice & Fax

  • G.711A/U law, G.723.1, G.729A/B,G.726,iLBC,AMR
  • Comfort Noise Generation(CNG)
  • Voice Activity Detection(VAD)
  • Echo Cancellation(G.168)
  • Adaptive (Dynamic) Jitter Buffer
  • Hook Flash
  • Programmable Gain Control
  • T.38/Pass-through, up to 14.4kbps
  • Modem/POS
  • DTMF mode: Signal/RFC2833/INBAND

FXS Port 

  • Connector: RJ11
  • Dial Mode: DTMF and Pulse
  • Pulse: 10 and 20 PPS
  • Caller ID: DTMF/FSK
  • Max Cable Length: 5KM
  • Reversed Polarity


  • SIP V2.0 (RFC 3261,3262,3264)
  • IMS/3GPP
  • SDP (RFC 2327)
  • REFER (RFC 3515)
  • RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889,1890)
  • STUN (RFC 3489)
  • ARP/RARP (RFC 826/903)
  • SNTP (RFC 2030)
  • DNS/DNS SRV (RFC 1706/RFC 2782)
  • VLAN 802.1P/802.1Q

Supplement Service

  • Call Waiting
  • Blind  Transfer
  • Attend Transfer
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward on No Reply
  • Unconditional Call Forward
  • Hotline
  • Call Hold 
  • DND
  • 3-way conference
  • Voicemail

Call & Route

  • Port Group
  • IP Trunk  
  • Primary and Secondary SIP Account
  • 32 Inbound/Outbound Routing
  • Number Manipulation
  • Digitmap

Network Features

  • Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP Client
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • Static/dynamic ARP
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Voice/Data/Management VLAN
  • DIFFServ, ToS


  • Power Supply: 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
  •   Power Consumption:  35W        
  •   Temperature:
  • (Operation): -10 °C  ~ 45 °C
  • (Storage):   -20 °C ~ 80 °C
  • Humidity: 10% - 90%  No condensation

Dimension & Weight

  • 440(L )× 230(W) × 44(H)mm 2.7kg

Fanvil X3U Enterprise IP Phone

  • HD audio with wideband codec G.722 and Opus
  • High-definition 2.8-inch 320x240-pixel color display
  • 6 SIP lines
  • 3 line keys with LED light
  • Dual Gigabit port, PoE integrated
  • Support EHS wireless headset
  • Support IPv4 , IPv6 protocol

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Dinstar DAG2000-16S 16 Ports FXS Analog VoIP Gateway IP-based voice and fax gateway
Qty: 8 x Part: X3U
Fanvil X3U Enterprise IP Phone, 2.8-Inch Color Display, 6 SIP Lines, Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet