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Ubiquiti UniFi LED Panel AC indoor network connectivity via WiFi - Model: ULED-AC


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Model: ULED-AC

The Ubiquiti UniFi LED Panel AC (ULED-AC) is a network-controlled LED ceiling light panel that is powered by AC. The ceiling light provides adjustable, high-efficiency indoor lighting and connects to the network using either wired or wireless Ethernet. Using long-lasting LEDs that provide over 50,000+ hours of luminance, the LED panel requires very little maintenance and can be easily managed by the UniFi LED Controller and UniFi LED app using your hand-held iOS or Android device.

ULED-AC is an energy-efficient DLC-certified indoor LED panel eligible for utility rebates in the US and Canada. Connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet for easy network management using the UniFi LED app or UniFi LED controller. Pair with the UniFi Dimmer Switch (sold separately) for convenient dimming and on/off control.

  • Innovative AC and Ethernet Daisy-Chaining

Daisy-chained AC Power allows for flexible configuration of both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Due to the fact that LED panels are low-energy, users may use standard wiring for daisy-chaining to minimizes future AC wiring work for upgrades or new installations. Users can also use Ethernet for lighting control instead of Wi-Fi. Panels can be interconnected with daisy-chained Ethernet.

  • Easy network integration

UniFi lighting is flexible and easy to integrate into the rest of the network. Users can choose Ethernet-connected Dimmer Switches with ULED-AC panels and/or mix and match all UniFi lighting products and program the whole system with the UniFi LED Controller.

UniFi AC Dimmer Switch

The UDIM-AC Dimmer Switch controls one or more ULED-AC panels and eliminates the need to install AC wires from the light switch to light panels on the ceiling.

Users can program each Dimmer Switch for each group of panels connected with it. Control principles are also alterable with no wiring changes.

  • UniFi LED Controller Software

Browser-based interface, hosted on a UniFi Application Server or Ubuntu device, provides easy management of your LED devices.

  • UniFi LED App

Mobile app (iOS or Android™) allows remote configuration via an AP connected to the LAN. 

  • Hardware Overview

The UniFi LED Panel and UniFi Dimmer Switch can be deployed in a variety of environments, including commercial office buildings, schools, and hospitals.

  • Powered by universal 100-277V AC
  • Network connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet daisy-chain
  • Brightness: 3400 lm / CCT: 4000K / CRI > 80
  • High Energy Efficacy: > 100 lm/w
  • Utility Rebate Ready : DLC certified

Key Features:

  • 3400 lm luminance
  • 4000K color temperature
  • Over 100 lm/W efficacy
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • The Ubiquiti UniFi LED AC Panel is 2′ x 2’ (602 x 602mm), which will fit most lowered ceilings. 

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