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Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Video Camera G3 Flex 3 UNITS UVC-G3-Flex Full HD 1080p Network Camera Night Vision with 3 UNITS UVC-G3-F-C Ceiling Mount

Part: UVC-G3-Flex-BD3

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Model: UVC-G3-Flex

                                                         Unifi Protect G3 Flex Camera 

                                                                          G3 Flex Indoor/Outdoor PoE Camera

The UniFi UVC-G3-FLEX 1080p Network Camera with Night Vision from Ubiquiti Networks uses a 1/3" HDR sensor to capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video at 25 fps. IR LEDs provide night vision functionality. The 3.4mm fixed lens delivers an 87.4° horizontal field of view. Audio recording is possible thanks to a built-in microphone. Integrated PoE technology simplifies connectivity by transferring data and power over one cable. The UniFi mobile app enables camera management and live viewing from your iOS or Android device.

  • Ultimate Installation Flexibility

Use the Right Mounting Option for Your Application

 Indoor Desktop Mount  - The rubberized bottom of the Desktop Mount keeps your G3-FLEX in place on any flat surface.

  Indoor Wall Mount - Use the low-profile Indoor Mount to mount the G3-FLEX flush against interior walls.

Indoor Hard-Ceiling Mount  - Mount securely to any flat surface or ceiling with two screws through the Indoor Mount.

Indoor Ceiling Mount*   - Embed your G3-FLEX discreetly in a ceiling tile or drywall ceiling with the Ceiling Mount Accessory. *sold separately

   Indoor Conduit Mount - Suspend the G3-FLEX from high ceilings with the Conduit Mount Accessory combined with standard pipe. * sold separately

 Outdoor Wall Mount - The durable Outdoor Wall Mount accessory secures the G3-FLEX to vertical outdoor surfaces. Includes a protective base to shield the camera and ethernet cable from the elements. *sold separately

 Outdoor Pole Mount - Use two zip ties (included) or metal hose clamps to and the Pole Mount accessory to quickly mount the G3-FLEX to a pole or post.


  • Powerful G3 Flex Features

The G3 Flex features a wide-angle lens and 1080p video performance for expanded surveillance coverage. The infrared LEDs and automatic IR cut filter provide high-quality day and night monitoring.


 Wide Camera View Angle        

 IR LEDs with Mechanical ICR Filter

 Full HD 1080p Quality

 Image Adjustments


  • Full Surveillance Management and Scalability

Keep an eye on your property from any camera from anywhere.



Model: UVC-G3-F-C-3

                                                                     Ceiling Mount for UVC-G3-FLEX

Recessed ceiling mount accessory for the UVC-G3-FLEX camera. Mount your camera inside the ceiling or a ceiling tile for a clean, low-profile installation. Includes mounting hardware for drywall, solid surface, or ceiling tile installation. Optional security screw locks the camera to the mount from above for added security.

Model: UVC-G3-Flex-3

  • Full HD 1080p resolution 
  • Built-in IR illuminators for night vision 
  • Powered by 802.3af Power over Ethernet 
  • High sensitivity microphone 
  • Wall mount, pole mount, and flat surface mounts included 
  • Weather resistant for outdoor operation


Model: UVC-G3-F-C-3

  • Low-profile installation
  • Requires 2 1/8" inch cutout
  • Includes drywall mounting anchors
  • Includes retainer for ceiling tile mount
  • Optional security screw locks camera to mount

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