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Ubiquiti Access Point Cover nHD-cover-Black-3 (Black)

Part: nHD-cover-Black-3

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Matte Black Skin for UAP-nanoHD (3-Pack)

The UniFi nanoHD AP covers allow the nanoHD AP to integrate into a wide variety of backgrounds. Whether you are mounting your AP against a marble, concrete, or wood backdrop, the UniFi nanoHD AP will blend in seamlessly.

  • Is that access point over there on the wall sticking out like a sore thumb? Just put on a matte black colored Ubiquiti Skin for UAP-nanoHD on it so it matches your decor.
  • This skin easily attaches to your UniFi nanoHD access point so it can blend into a variety of settings for a more refined and discrete look.

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