Point-to-Multipoint / PtMP 5 Ghz Mimosa

Mimosa A5c 5Ghz AP Fiber Speeds 11ac MU-MiMO 4x4:4 up to 1.0 Gbps pair w/ N5-45x4 sector antenna 4.9-6.4GHz 22dBi 4-port Beamforming 45 Sector, higher performance tower solution to deliver full 2x spectrum reuse 43dB front-to back (FTB)

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Mimosa A5c

  • Part # 100-00037

With the fastest client speeds and great access point capacity, along with local and network-wide spectrum reuse, the Mimosa A5c delivers the highest possible scale for any unlicensed fixed wireless network. The A5c is well suited for long range pole and tower multipoint applications, Access Point Collocation (GPS Sync) and Municipal and Rural Licensed Public Safety multipoint (4.9 GHz).

Increased Capacity at Each Site
With integrated high precision GPS Sync technology, new A5c sectors can easily be added at existing Mimosa A5 and B5 sites and reuse the same channel. This saves valuable, scarce unlicensed spectrum resources when new A5c devices are installed “back-to-back” on the same tower or pole

Network Scalability Perfected
Every deployed device is collaboratively synchronized across the network. This allows easy channel reuse to save valuable spectrum network wide. Connected to Mimosa Cloud, deployment of the A5c is incredibly simple with network spectrum use and performance optimized across all of your deployed devices.

Ultra High Client Capacity
TDMA techniques provide significant improvements when scaling the number of clients. By dynamically allocating timeslots and supporting Multi-User MIMO in the downstream direction and allocating upstream timeslots upon client request, network scale, spectrum efficiency and access point utilization are optimized to the highest degree possible. 

Fiber Speeds
With client speeds capable of 500 Mbps+ and access point capacity up to 1.5 Gbps, the A5 delivers the speeds consumers and business users demand at a fraction of the cost of delivering Fiber to the Premises. 





  • Part# 100-00084

The Mimosa N5-45x4 is the industry’s first sector antenna to deliver the best of both worlds — incredible noise rejection and long-distance performance, with wideband 4.9–6.4 GHz operation for fixed wireless broadband. This 4-port, dual-slant polarization, 45º sector is designed for use with the Mimosa A5c 4x4 MIMO radio, delivering gain-enhancing beamforming for the best possible channel reuse, range and noise rejection at collocation and tower sites.  


Reject Noise and Synchronize 

Overcoming noise at tower sites is key to scaling capacity. The N5-45x4 delivers industry-leading side lobe rejection and an unprecedented 43 dB front-toback (FTB) performance — the highest FTB ratio of any sector or horn antenna in the industry. When used in combination with the Mimosa A5c access point, there’s no higher performance tower solution to deliver full, 2x spectrum reuse. 

Wideband Operation 

Supporting 4.9 GHz public safety applications and multipoint licensed operation up to 6.4 GHz (where regulations allow), the N5-45x4 provides an additional 800 MHz of spectrum beyond the crowded 5.15–5.85 GHz unlicensed channels.  


Go the Distance 

The Mimosa N5-45x4 offers the best of both worlds — a long distance, high-gain sector with the superior noise isolation of a horn. Competitive sectors offer highgain, but fail to reduce side lobe and front-to-back noise. Symmetric horn antennas achieve good noise isolation, but typically offer lower gain and inefficient symmetrical ground coverage patterns. 

Compatible with Third-Party Radios  

In addition to the 4x4 MIMO Mimosa A5c, the N5- 45x4 will support two concurrent third-party 2x2 MIMO radios operating on separate channels to double the coverage capacity at a tower site and avoid the congestion of the unlicensed 5 GHz band. 

 Designed for Beamforming  

Paired with the 4x4 MIMO Mimosa A5c, the Mimosa N5-45x4 provides an easy-to-aim, 9º vertical beamwidth coverage area with a narrow, 4.5º signal and +3 dB gain per client. In the uplink direction, the A5c’s digital phasing works with the 4 port N5-45x4, adding +3 dB of receive gain.

What's In The Box


  • Four LMR-240 Cables with Weatherized Boots
  • Pivot Bracket
  • Sliding Bracket
  • Warranty and Compliance Sheet

Mimosa A5c

  • Part # 100-0037


  • Max Throughput: Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)
  • Client Capacity: 100 Clients
  • Wireless Protocols: WiFi Interop ; Mimosa GPS Sync (TDMA)**


  • MIMO & Modulation: 4x4:4 MIMO OFDM up to 256-QAM
  • Bandwidth*: 20/40/80 MHz channels tunable in 5 MHz increments for GPS Sync; Tunable to standard WiFi channels for WiFi Interop
  • Frequency Range: GPS Sync: 4900 - 6200 MHz ; WiFi Interop: 5170 - 5835 MHz restricted by country of operation(*new* US/FCC 5600-5650 support)
  • Max Output Power: 30 dBm
  • Sensitivity (MCS 0):-87 dBm @ 80 MHz ; -90 dBm @ 40 MHz ; -93 dBm @ 20 MHz


  • Max Power Consumption: 25W
  • System Power Method: 802.3at compliant
  • PoE Power Supply: Passive POE compliant, 48-56 V Power over Ethernet supply with IEC61000-4-5 surge protection


  • Gigabit Ethernet: 10/100/1000-BASE-T
  • Multi-User MIMO**: Device leverages beamforming to transmit to multiple clients simultaneously
  • Synchronization**: GPS+GLONASS allows for network-wide sync and interference avoidance
  • Collocation**: 1PPS GPS Tx/Rx synchronization for same tower collocation and channel reuse
  • Network Processing: Advanced AP control for capacity and subscriber management
  • Management Services: Mimosa cloud monitoring and management SNMPv2** & Syslog legacy monitoring HTTPS, HTML 5 based Web UI, 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n radio for local management access
  • Smart Spectrum Management: Active scan monitors/logs ongoing RF interference across channels (no service impact), Dynamic autooptimization of channel and bandwidth use
  • Security: WPA2 + Mimosa 802.1x RADIUS Management VLAN support
  • QoS: Supports 4 pre-configured QoS levels
  • GPS Location: GNSS1 (GPS + GLONASS)
  • Traffic Shaping: Per CPE UL/DL commit and maximum rate shaping
  • Access Control List: Permit, Deny and Remark Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic flows

* 4.9 GHz uses 20 MHz channel widths
** Enabled in future software releases

Mimosa N5-45x4

  • Part # 100-00084

Technical Specifications Antenna 

  • Gain: 22 dBi (+3 dBi from beamforming) 
  • Polarization: Dual-slant 45º  
  • Azimuth Beamwidth (4 dB): 45º  
  • Azimuth Beamwidth (3 dB): 42º  
  • Elevation Beamwidth (3 db): 9º  
  • Electrical Downtilt: 2º  
  • Front-to-Back Ratio (min): 43 dB  
  • Cross-Polar Isolation: >30 dB  
  • Port-to-Port Isolation: >10 dB  
  • Impedance: 50 Ω  
  • Max Input Power: 30 dBm Physical  
  • Dimensions:  
    • Height: 734 mm (28.88”)  
    • Width: 143 mm (6.63”)  
    • Depth: 76 mm (3.0”) including connectors  

Shipping Box Dimensions: 

  • Dimensions:
    •  Height: 981 mm (38.62”) 
    •  Width: 166 mm (6.53”) 
    •  Length: 105 mm (4.13”)  
  • Weight: 4.08kg (9.0 lbs)  
  • RF Connectors: 4 N-type female (includes four 1 meter LMR 240 Type-N to Type-N cables)  
  • RF Connectors Position: Back of antenna, near center  
  • Enclosure Characteristics: Outdoor, UV stabilized, engineered polymer  
  • Mounting: Galvanized steel, dual attached pole mount with 20º mechanical up or down tilt. Two mounting brackets included. For pole sizes, maximum is 3.5” (90 mm) and minimum is 1.5” (38 mm).  
  • • Wind Survivability: 200 km/h (125 mph)  
  • • Wind Loading: 4.77 kg @ 160 km/h (10.49 lbs @ 100 mph)  


  • Outdoor Ingress Protection Rating: IP55  
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to 131°F) 
  • Operating Humidity: 5 to 100% condensing  
  • Operating Altitude: 4,420 m (14,500’) max  
  • Shock & Vibration: ETS 300-019-2-4 class 4M5 Regulatory and Compliance 

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Qty: 1 x Part: Mimosa A5c
Mimosa A5C Connectorized Access Point PtMP 4.9-6.2 GHz 1 Gbps+ 4x4 MU-MIMO (100-00037)
Qty: 1 x Part: N5-45x4
Mimosa Sector Antenna N5-45x4 4.9GHz-6.4GHz 22 dBi Four-Port Beamforming 45-degree (100-00084)