Point-to-Point / PtP 5 Ghz

Altelix PtP Dish Antenna AD5G34M2-PRO 5 GHz 4.9 GHz to 6.4 GHz 34dBi MIMO Heavy Duty 2x2 for Ubiquiti RocketM5, Mimosa

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Model: AD5G34M2-PRO

                                           High Gain Antenna

                                                                 Parabolic Dish

The Altelix AD5G34M2-PRO is a Complete High Gain Antenna Kit that features our Heavy Duty 34dBi Dual Polarized 2x2 MIMO Parabolic Dish Antenna. The versatile adjustable feed system allows the antenna to be configured for Dual Polarization (Horizontal and Vertical) or for X-Polarization (+45° and -45°). It is a perfect match for 802.11a MIMO access points and bridges. It also supports the new 6.2 GHz and 6.4 GHz radios now available. 

This antenna includes a versatile mounting kit that can be used to attach a Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® and Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, Mikrotik BaseBox® 5 or Cambium ePMP™ directly to the antenna. It also supports the Mimosa B5c with an optional cable adapter kit. 

The AD5G34M2-PRO also includes a pair of low loss RP-SMA to N Male cables for connecting the radios to the antenna.

Wi-Fi Radios Supported:

  • Ubiquiti RocketM5®, RocketM5® GPS, Rocket® Prism 5AC
  • Mimosa C5c
  • MikroTik BaseBox® 5
  • TP-Link WBS510
  • Cambium ePMP™
  • Mimosa B5c (requires optional cable kit)

The Kit Includes:

  • (1) Altelix 34dBi Dual Polarized MIMO Dish Antenna
  • (1) Bracket Set for Mounting Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® and Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, MikroTik BaseBox® 5 and Cambium ePMP™
  • (2) RP-SMA Male to N Male Low Loss cables

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