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Mikotik DISC Lite5 ac RBDiscG-5acD Outdoor 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac wireless device with a backfire type 21dBi integrated antenna and Gigabit Ethernet for longer distances US Version

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The DISC is a low cost high gain 5 GHz CPE. We have improved antenna design, added Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11a/n/ac support to achieve even more speed on longer distances.

DISC Lite5 ac is equipped with 21 dBi dual chain antenna, 802.11a/n/ac integrated wireless, 716 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 1x Gigabit Ethernet port and RouterOS Level 3 license. It comes complete with a power supply, Gigabit PoE injector and a mounting ring. The device is also compatible with our SXT mounting systems, including the quickMOUNT pro series.

The RouterOS Level 3 allows to use the DISC Lite5 ac as a CPE or for 5 GHz Point-to-Point links.

DISC Lite5 ac-US (USA) is factory locked for 5170-5250MHz and 5725-5835MHz frequencies. This lock can not be removed.

  • CPU:   IPQ-4018
  • CPU core count:   4
  • CPU nominal frequency:    716 MHz
  • Dimensions:    265mm, height: 80mm
  • License level:    3
  • Operating System:    RouterOS
  • Size of RAM:    256 MB
  • Storage size:   16 MB
  • Storage type:   FLASH
  • Max Power consumption:   7W
  • PoE in:    Passive PoE
  • PoE in input Voltage:   10-30 V
  • Number of DC inputs:    1 (PoE-IN)
  • Wireless 5 GHz number of chains:   2
  • Wireless 5 GHz standards:      802.11a/n/ac
  • Antenna gain dBi for 5 GHz:    21
  • Wireless 5 GHz chip model:     IPQ-4018
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports:    1

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