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Ubiquiti Networks AF-11FX-DUP-H airFiber 11FX Modular High-Band Duplexer

Part: AF-11FX-DUP-H

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Model: AF-11FX-DUP-H



The AF-11FX-DUP-H features a unique Modular High-Band Duplexer modular design to suit multiple frequency configurations. Each AF-11FX radio can be configured to support any allowable frequency by simply changing the duplexers for high-band or low-band use in the 10.7 to 11.7 GHz allocation.

Each duplexer has a low channel and a high channel that can be configured by simply reversing the position of the duplexer.

  • The AF-11FX-DUP-H is a high-band duplexer for SISO mode configuration.

  • High Channel:

11.440 to 11.700 GHz

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