Enterprise WLAN / 10-Gigabit network

Ubiquiti Networks UF-SM-10G Fiber Single Mode SFP 10Gbps Networks Fiber Cable Fiber Modules

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The Ubiquiti U Fiber UF-SM-10G-S is ideal for usage in fiber networks of up to 10 km at 10 Gbps speeds. It's BiDirectional features allows you to maximize your re-use of existing infrastructure by using two different wavelengths (upstream and downstream).

  • Outdoor Fiber Installations

For long-distance runs of 300+ meters, use U Fiber  10G single-mode modules and BiDi models for maximum reuse of existing infrastructure. For shorter runs, use U Fiber 10G multi-mode modules for reduced cost.

  • Fiber Modules

U Fiber™ modules are available as single-mode or multi-mode models to suit your fiber connectivity applications.

  • Fiber Cable

Use single-mode LC FiberCable™ to build your outdoor fiber network. Lightweight and flexible, FiberCable is ideal for tower installs of our outdoor routing and switching products, such as EdgePoint™ devices. Available in 100, 200, and 300 ft lengths.

  • Single Mode Fiber
  • Conector Type: (1) LC
  • Data Rate: 10 Gbps SFP
  • Cable Distance: 10KM
  • BiDi Models for Reuse of Existing Infrastructure

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