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AirLive OD-2025HD 2-MegaPixel Outdoor 30fps 25 meter IR IP CAMERA

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  • The AirLive OD-2025HD is a high-end 2.0 MegaPixel (MP) network camera which designs for professional outdoor surveillance and security applications. This 2.0MP IP camera offers much improvements in image quality when compares to conventional surveillance cameras. Users are able to view live video streaming over the Internet, and it is only one of benefits for using AirLive OD-2025HD. It is also designed to offer high-performance surveillance and is equipped with PoE port which allows power and data to be transmitted via a single Ethernet cable. This useful function provides an easier installation, lower cabling costs and allows placement of AirLive PoE cameras in locations without access to electrical source. With the IP-66 waterproof housing, AirLive OD-2025HD suits for environments such as stairs, main entrance, street, and basement.
  • The AirLive OD-2025PHD offers high quality image at a maximum resolution of 1080p@30fps - 6X higher resolution than a normal CCTV Camera. One of the most compelling advantages of 2 Mega Pixel surveillance systems is the ability to capture sharp videos, with more details per frame and not miss out on any finer details that are useful for license plate identification and human recognition. The new CMOS sensor also provides smoother video quality @30fps performance; the image will be better when compare with older 15fps video cameras.
  • AirLive OD-2025HD is designed for 24hr indoor/outdoor surveillance even in the harshest conditions. AirLive OD-2025HD is equipped with high resolution CMOS sensor with infrared LEDs with up to 25m working distance. The auto-changeable IR filter inside also provides superior day/night performance. It also offers many important features such as PoE and digital input and output for external alarm & sensor.
  • Remote monitoring is always the main focus of IP camera. This objective has been achieved and more with AirLive OD-2025HD now. Users are able to use various supported internet protocols such as FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP and RTSP to gain access of AirLive OD-2025HD from afar location. AirLive OD-2025HD uses H.264 video compression to drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth and storage space. H.264 is a high performing video compression standard that boasts a much higher compression ratio than MJPEG or MPEG-4. With this technology, there is 90% reduction in file size, a 1 MB image can be drastically reduced to as low as 10KB using H.264. With AirLive OD-2025HD versatile application and function, it is the perfect answer to remotely monitoring your home and properties while out traveling.
  • AirLive OD-2025HD supports 2-way audio by using the extend microphone and separate computer speakers which allows for real-time voice communication between the camera and PC.
  • AirLive OD-2025HD also supports CamPro Express 64, the bundled surveillance software that lets user to view and record multiple live images at the same time. Using several AirLive OD-2025HD with CamPro Express 64, user can easily build up a surveillance system with desired scenario at different locations and environments. Moreover, OD-2025HD also supports CamPro Professional, which is AirLive’s intelligent video surveillance recording software. It is designed to meet most demands for professional installations. With its video analysis functions, such as tampering detection, user can build up a stable and efficient surveillance system.
  • When strong back light is surrounding a subject, camera with wide dynamic range technology can adjust the intense backlight and dark area to balance the whole screen; therefore, user can recognize the details in the bright and dark area.
  • AirLive has worked with IPCAM Viewer developer to add support for AirLive IPCAM. So you can view multiple AirLive cameras using Android device, iPhone, or iPad. For more information about Android or iOS apps, please visit the FAQ page.


  • 2.0 Mega CMOS H.264 IP Camera  
  • Support up to 1080P@30fps  
  • Viewing the Video via 3/3.5G Mobile Phone
  • Support 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • IP-66 Weatherproof Housing for most of Environments
  • With High Illuminate IR LED, Project up to 25 Meters  
  • Support H.264, MPEG, MJPEG
  • Compatible with ONVIF standard
  • Support Two-Way Audio
  • Support Samba Server

** Click for Airlive OD-2025HD Datasheet **

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