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Yealink EXP38 Expansion Module, Compatible Yealink T26P and T28P

Part: EXP38

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  • The Yealink EXP38 Expansion Module has been designed to improve the power and flexibility of advanced Yealink IP phones. 

  • It features a 38 fully-programmable DSS key search function, each with a dual-color LED. 

  • The module is connected to and controlled by the IP Phone with an RJ-12 cable line. 

  • Up to 228 additional programmable extensions are created when six EXP38 units are daisy-chained together with the IP Phone. 

  • Yealink’s advanced IP phones also have IP-PBX support functions, such as speed dialling, and BLF/BLA, intercom, call forward/transfer/hold/park/pickup/return via programmable EXP38 buttons. 

  • The Yealink EXP38 is ideal for receptionists, administrative assistants, call-center agents, power-users and executives who need to monitor and manage a large volume of calls on a regular basis.


  • 38 programmable keys, each with a dual-color LED

  • Creates up to 228 programmable keys when 6 EXT are daisy chained

  • Supports the functions for IP-PBX such as BLF/BLA and Intercometc

  • Daisy-chain 6 modules for 228 programmable keys

  • Dual color (red or green) LEDs for line status information

  • Supports Busy Lamp Field(BLF), Bridge Line Appearance(BLA)

  • Programmable for speed dialing, call pickup, Intercom,hold, transfer, voicemail, forward, DND...

  • Expansion module(<2) is powered by the host phone

  • 2xRJ-12(6P6C) portsfor datainandout

  • Power adapter: AC100~240Vinput

  • andDC5V/1.2Aoutput

  • Weight: 255g

  • Dimensions: 132x143x42mm

  • Operatinghumidity: 10~95%

  • Storagetemperature: max60C

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