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Guest Internet GIS-K1 4-port switch wireless Hotspot Gateway integrated AP for businesses with up to 25 concurrent users, provide wireless Internet access for guests and visitors, managed Internet access for restaurants, coffee bars and motel/hotel.

Part: GIS-K1

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Guest Internet

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  • The GIS-K1 offers the lowest-cost approach to providing managed Internet access for restaurants, coffee bars and motel/hotel lobbies.
  • The GIS-K1 can be installed in any other small business that has to provide wireless Internet access for the public.
  • The GIS-K1 wireless unit is suitable for small installations such as bars and restaurants, and provides a good area of wireless coverage.
  • Installing the GIS-K1 product is simple: connect the unit to the Internet and power it up.
  • A computer wireless connection is made to ‘Hot Spot’ and then a browser is opened.
  • The browser screen shows the setup wizard. The GIS-K1 can provide free Internet access with a disclaimer.
  • The disclaimer text was prepared according to US Federal law, however it can be edited to include local laws and restrictions.

  • Low cost HSIA gateway
  • Plug and play: easy to use wizard speeds installation
  • Custom login page with client branding; choose from 10 backdrops or create your own design
  • Free access with disclaimer; the legal disclaimer can be edited
  • Controlled access uses codes that are generated and managed on the unit; charge for Internet service or give it free
  • Access code usage reporting to track Internet utilization
  • A firewall protects the business network for PCI DSS compliance
  • Remote configuration
  • QoS overall bandwidth control, with bandwidth settings for each code
  • Content filter blocks access to non-approved websites
  • Timer calendar blocks use when the business is closed
  • Access code API for PoS applications
  • Hotspot user isolation
  • Configuration backup and restore
  • URL and MAC filter
  • Access point failure monitoring
  • Port forwarding for remote access to wireless, CCTV

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