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Ubiquiti NSM2 (2-UNITS) NanoStation M2 NanoStation M2 2.4GHz 802.11a/n hi-power + AirRouter (2-UNITS) 802.11g/n Wireless Router +200 meters

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Create wide area network connectivity with the NSM2 NanoStationM 400 MHz Indoor/Outdoor airMAX CPE Router from Ubiquiti Networks. This wireless access point features an enhanced 400 MHz Atheros processor along with 32MB of SDRAM and 8MB of flash memory. The single 10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet networking interface features passive Power over Ethernet compatibility and can easily be installed in a variety of locations using the included pole mounting kit. The enclosure of the NSM2 is comprised of outdoor UV stabilized plastic for enhanced durability including the ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F to 167°F.

  • Intelligent QoS

Priority is given to voice/video for seamless streaming.

  • Dual Ethernet Connectivity

The NanoStationM provides a secondary Ethernet port with software-enabled PoE output for seamless IP video integration.

  • Intelligent PoE

Remote hardware reset circuitry of the NanoStationM allows the device to be remotely reset from the power supply location.


airRouter (2-UNITS)

The airRouter Indoor Commercial Wi-Fi Router from Ubiquiti Networks is an indoor commercial Wi-Fi router that comes compatible with the IEEE 802.11n networking standard and operates on the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. In addition to wireless connectivity, you can plug in Ethernet compatible devices to any of the four Fast Ethernet ports to take advantage of wired data transfer rates of up to 100 Mb/s. Once setup, this Ubiquiti router offers enhanced airOS V firmware capable of configuring and monitoring your entire network.

Indoor Commercial Wi-Fi Router

This indoor commercial Wi-Fi router from Ubiquiti is capable of connecting devices at distances up to 328 ft (100 m) away at speeds up to 150 Mb/s.

Reduced Form Factor Design

The airRouter features five Fast Ethernet (Cat 5, RJ-45) Ethernet ports, one USB port, and integrated antennas.


  • 400 MHz Atheros Processor
  • 32MB RAM / 8MB Flash Memory
  • 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency
  • 1 x 10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet Interface
  • 10.4-11.2 dBi Antenna Gain
  • 23 dB Minimum Cross-pol Isolation
  • Passive Power over Ethernet
  • Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic Enclosure

AirRouter (2-UNITS???????)

  • IEEE 802.11n Compatible
  • 5 x Fast Ethernet Ports
  • 1 x USB Port
  • 1 x Power Port
  • Integrated Status LED Indicators
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption Standards
  • 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency

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Qty: 2 x Part: AirRouter
Ubiquiti AirRouter 802.11g/n SOHO Wireless Router 4 port USB 150Mbps 100+m AirOS