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WISP Subscriber Gateway and Network Management Stand Alone System

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All easyWISP products are robust and manufactured to commercial grade specifications. The products are suitable for installation in any network equipment environment where the temperature does not exceed 95 degF. (35 degC). EasyWISP products use high capacity SSD storage with read/write algorithms that extend the life of the SSD. Subscriber Gateway products do not impose subscriber limits, the recommended maximum number of subscribers is based on the processor performance and memory. 

Complete WISP management software
easyWISP is a complete back office business management software for any Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).

• Post-pay and pre-pay subscriber management, integrated RADIUS server • Hotspot authentication and management for anonymous subscribers
• Monitoring and management of network inventory with failure alerting
• Consolidated reporting: network usage and users, download CSV file
• Works with any type of wireless equipment (Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Engenius, etc.) • Use in conjunction with a financial accounting package (like Quickbooks) 

Who was the easyWISP product designed for?
EasyWISP was designed for people with basic IT skills who want to start a WISP business, with very little financial investment, and who want to have a professional operation from day 1. No specialist networking skills are required with easyWISP 

How does a complete WISP system fit into a small box?
All the back office features that a WISP needs to operate the business are installed on a small but powerful computer that has SSD database storage. Subscriber facing features are added with the easyWISP cloud service. easyWISP can be configured for a small start-up WISP and expanded as the WISP grows larger: from a handful of subscribers to tens of thousands of subscribers. As the WISP’s business grows the network architecture is adapted for a larger subscriber volume 

Is easyWISP expensive like other WISP systems?
No, just the opposite, the cost is very low. There is no charge per subscriber. Purchase a gateway and that is all you pay. No additional charges. If you need the additional subscriber facing features then pay for the easyWISP Cloud service, a small monthly charge per Subscriber Gateway.

• 1-year warranty against defects for gateway products
• Freesupportviaoursupportpageandaresponsewithin1businessday
• Freelifetimesoftwareupgradesforsubscribergatewayproducts 



• QuickStartWizard

• Create a Cloud account

• Add gateway to Cloud Status

• System Information dashboard

• Configuration summary

• Connected users report

• Blocked events report

• Networkusagegraph


Subscriber Interface

• Login Settings

• Login Messages

• Credit Card /PayPal

• Edit Disclaimer

• Ticket Printer Setup



• Change password, second Login for access code only

• Reboot System

• Upgrade Firmware

• Backup and Restore

• Set to Factory Defaults


Network management

• Inventory and status of allnetworkequipment, thisisallthe

equipment that is being monitored by the gateway for failure

• WANSettings

• LA N Settings

• Port Forwarding

• Monitoring / Alerting

• Hostname

• Allowed IP List

• Allowed MAC List

• Blocked MAC List

• Firewall: remote access


QoS, Website and Application Filtering

• Overvie w screen

• Web filter

• Content filter: OpenDNS

• Apps, protocol filter

• Schedule filter

• Mana ge user list: select the filters for each user

• Bandwidth Control


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