Antenna 900 Mhz / 900Mhz Sector

L-Com HK911HSP-120NF 3, 120° Sector Antenna & Splitter, 900 MHz 11 dBi Omni Array

Part: HK911HSP-120NF


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  • The HyperGain Sectorized Omni Array features our high performance 900 MHz 120° sectorial antennas.
  • Each of the three antennas in this array can be adjusted individually (0-16° up or down tilt) to compensate for the geography of the installation location. This helps ensure maximum coverage of the array for service providers in the 900 MHz ISM band.
  • Its design helps to optimize tower space, and the galvanized steel construction is ideal for all-weather operation.
  • Single Fed Model (1 Input into 3 Antennas)
  • Ideal for smaller applications, this sectorized omni array is available as a single fed system (1 input into 3 antennas).
  • Since each antenna is fed from a 3-Way signal splitter, only a single radio/amplifier is required.
  • As the system grows additional capacity can be added by simple adding more base station radios and bypassing the array's splitter, thus feeding each antenna from a separate radio.
  • Single fed models feature a industrial grade 3-Way signal splitter with N-Female connectors and three 2 ft. (0.6m) 400-Series jumper cables.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • The sectorized omni arrays are designed for all-weather operation. They feature heavy-duty polymer antenna radomes and galvanized steel mounting systems. The array can be mounted directly onto masts 2" to 4" (50.8 to 101.6 mm) in dia using the provided mounting hardware.
Single Fed Models (1 Input into 3 Antennas) Includes:
  • (3) 120° Sector Antennas
  • (1) 3-Way Signal Splitter w/N-Female Connectors
  • (3) 2 ft. 400-Series Jumper Cables - N-Male to N-Male
  • (1) Array Mounting System

  • Tri-Antenna Array with 360° coverage
  • High performance sectorial antennas
  • 3 Inputs into 3 Antennas (Individual Fed Model) Single fed models feature 3-Way signal splitter and jumper cables
  • 0-16° mechanical up/down tilt
  • DC short lightning protection
  • 900MHz ISM Band
  • 900MHz Service Provider "cell" sites
  • Point to Multi-Point Systems
  • Wireless Broadband Systems

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