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AXIS 5504-501 Telescopic Ceiling Mount

Part: 5504-501

Axis Communications

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  • Thanks to its telescopic design,AXIS T91A50 is easy to expand or collapse depending on the desired length. It is suitable in those environments where camera may need to hang below lights and ventilation tubes, such as in warehouses, do-it-yourself or home-improvement stores.

  • AXIS T91A50 can expand from 1 meter (39 in) up to 2 meters(79 in) and if a longer pipe is needed, two optional accessories are available, AXIS T91A52Extension Pipe 30cm (12 in) andAXIS T91A52 Extension Pipe 100cm(39 in). The recommended maximum length for AXIS T91A50is 5 meter (16.4 ft).

  • For indoor camera installations in low ceilings, where the camera needs to be installed as close as possible to the ceiling, AXIS T91A51 Ceiling Mount is the ideal option.

  • With their 1.5 in NPS thread, AXIS T91A50 andAXIS T91A51 mounts are compatible with all Axis cameras, housings and mounts supporting the same type of thread.

  • The indoor mounts, AXIS T91A50/T91A51 feature a swivel action that allows the mount to swing if hit, e.g. by forklifts or tall vehicles.

  • If a sturdier installation is required, AXIS T91A50Telescopic Ceiling Mount can also be secured with wires to the ceiling. Furthermore, the cable is routed inside the telescopic pipe for a clean look and safe cabling.

  • The ceiling mounts can also be installed on a sloped ceiling, ensuring that the camera is still hanging straight.

  • Robust and safe installation

  • Ease of installation

  • IK10-rated

  • Swivel action

  • Optional accessories available for longer length

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