Antenna 2.4 Ghz / 2.4Ghz Omni

L-Com HG2415U-PRO-5PK 2.4 GHz 15 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna - N-Female 5-Pack

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  • The HyperLink HG2415U-PRO is a Professional Grade Omni-Directional antenna that can be used for Commercial installations. 
  • The antenna features high gain and superior VSWR. The unit is optimized for the 2.4GHz ISM band.
  • A collinear Omni-Directional antenna that utilizes a center fed Collinear Dipole array that offers superior performance over the traditional bottom fed collinear designs. 
  • A center fed collinear has radiating elements that are more uniformly fed with signals of the proper amplitude and phase. 
  • In a bottom fed design, the signals that reach the upper elements have undergone significant amplitude and phase degradation. 
  • In most cases, the upper elements of an end fed design contribute little to the antennas final composite gain and pattern. 
  • In the HyperLink HG2415U-PRO, an internal copper hard-line provides a low loss path to the antenna's central splitting and phasing component. 
  • The brass radiating elements of the HG2415U-PRO utilize an air dielectric for lowest loss and superior radiating efficiency. 
  • The design is factory tuned for superior performance.
  • This antenna's construction features a durable fiberglass radome for durability and aesthetics. 
  • Its mounting system features twin heavy-duty mounting brackets and U-Bolts for superior strength. 
  • The thick brass elements provide long life in hostile environments.

  • Center fed collinear array
  • Heavy-duty steel mounting brackets
  • Commercial grade antenna
  • Solid Brass Elements
  • Integral N-Female connector
  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band
  • Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n applications
  • WiFi and 2.4 GHz wireless video systems
  • Bluetooth® & Public Wireless Hotspot

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