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StationBox Mikro (without antenna)

Part: SBXM

RF Elements

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  • StationBox Mikro was designed to combine performance, functionality and aesthetics. The result is revolutionary. You do not need to create own panels, nor fittings for boards or antennas. Just plug the pigtails, insert the board and go! It has never been that simple!
  • No tools are needed for board installation. Inserting the base panel into the top cover and closing the bottom cover is tool-less as well. Main body parts are secured by Auto-Lock System, that protects the box against coaccidental disassembly. With deployment time from carton box to pole below two minutes, your operations can be fast, smooth and cost effective as never before.
  • StationBox Mikro enables excellent mounting versatility. Its standard holder is compatible with NanoBracket™ Universal, the most advanced CPE mount on the market. StationBox Mikro holder is also compatible with EasyBracket S.
  • StationBox Mikro was designed to be placed in general outdoor environment and to resist weather impacts. StationBox Mikro is built from high resistant UV stabilized ABS plastic. One-piece cover ensures the natural water resistance, while the enclosure is allowed to “breathe” – exchange hot air with environment and leak humidity in form of condensed drops of water.

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