Point-to-Point / PtP 5 Ghz

Mikrotik RBSEXTANTG-5HPnD 600 MHz 32 MB RAM 5GHz Gbit 18dBi DP Hi-Power MiMO CPE LS3



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The SEXTANT is a 18dBi 5GHz antenna with a built in RB911 router. It has two polarizations to give you all benefits of 2x2 MIMO in 802.11n. Inside is the high power RB911 dual chain wireless device (see separate brochure), with high performance, high output power wireless transmitter. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port, to fully utilise the benefit of 802.11n high speed wireless. Easy to use and quick to deploy, SEXTANT is ideal for point to point links.

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