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Axis (5506-231) T8415 Wireless Installation Tool

Part: 5506-231

Axis Communications

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  • AXIS T8415 Wireless Installation Tool is an easy-to-use tool that help installers during the installation of IP cameras. The tool includes a free-of-charge application which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app is called AXIS Wireless Installation Tool, downloadable from App Store or Google Play.

  • The live video feed is displayed on the smartphone via a direct Wi-Fi connection. From the live video it is easy to access basic key features to set the camera’s optimal viewing angle, focus and IP settings.

  • AXIS T8415 powers up the network camera directly from its powerful battery and offers an integrated Wi-Fi access to connect with the smartphone for easy and quick view of camera Live view. 

  • AXIS T8415 powers up the network camera via Power over Ethernet, thanks to its powerful battery and offers an integrated Wi-Fi access point to connect with the handheld device for easy and quick view of the camera Live view and basic setings.

  • Through a USB port on AXIS T8415, the handheld device is always charged and ready to be used.

  • Be more productive when installing cameras thanks to its quick and easy features together with a powerful battery that last the whole day.

  • Why not make it ever simpler with a kit that includes one AXIS T8415, one extra battery and the custom-made installation bag. Everything you need to get going, like important installation equipment, from network and power cables to screws and tools.

  • Multiple camera discovery, including ONVIF

  • Wireless connection to handheld devices

  • Native app for installation of Axis cameras

  • Powerful battery

  • Support for PoE+

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