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avansu GW-200 Internet access hotspot gateway up to 200 users 3-port switch, is popular with motels and hotels, however it is also used by many other types of businesses that provide Internet access as a service to the public

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  • Hotspot gateway for 200 guests
  • We Make WiFi Hotspots Work Better
  • Plug and play with the setup wizard
  • Firewall blocks access LAN to WAN/file sharing software
  • Credit card billing and usage reporting

  • We offer a very simple and low cost way to add important features for any WiFi Hotspot. The GW-200 has been designed to protect your business from the consequences of data theft, and to give your guests and visitors a great Internet service. 
  • Our products make great financial sense: low cost products ensure that you get a fast return on investment. Simple plug and play installation, no computer specialist required. Supports up to 200 concurrent users. 
  • Twelve different login pages are already installed plus custom options are available, and 10,000 pass codes control Internet access. Credit card billing and reporting can be configured for commercial Hotspots.
  • Hackers are blocked with a firewall that prevents Hotspot users accessing the PoS. The firewall also blocks file sharing preventing potential illegal use of the network. 
  • Web sites can be blocked with the content filter for family friendly web surfing. Speed control shares bandwidth and prevents guests abusing a shared service. 
  • A timer /calendar activates service during business hours and disables the service when the business is closed. Absolutely no other charges, no monthly fees, percentages of credit card sales, or software charges for additional features. 

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