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Airlive CoreNVR9 Network Video Recorder / VGA Video Output, 9 Channel


Part: CoreNVR9

MSRP: $584.00

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Multimedia CoreNVR9


AirLive CoreNVR series is a new generation Network Video Recorder for home, retailer stores and small office applications. It supports up to 4 Megapixel resolution for IP cameras with H.264 video codec for high quality, real-time monitoring, recording and playback. It also supports Local Display to provide you high resolution video quality on any HD monitor. You can easily setup the system by a few clicking on the build-in web pages of CoreNVR series with AirLive IP cameras for searching, configuring and notifications from multiple different alarm triggered. Furthermore, with two internal 6TB SATAlll HDD and eSATA interface, it provides you more storage capacity and keeps the video files in the CoreNVR system for longer period.
Recording live monitoring and playback without additional PC
AirLive CoreNVR is a plug-and-play appliance and it utilizes the embedded Linux technology, which provides you easy setup and easy to manage the system with user friendly web-based GUI interface. For the connection, you may connect all AirLive IP cameras and CoreNVR system via AirLive POE switch as picture shown below. With AirLive POE switches and IP cameras, CoreNVR series will be your most reliable guard for securing your family and property.
Fully Control on your IP-Base Cameras on IE and Mobile app software
You may search and install AirLive IP cameras from IE interface with fully functional control which gives you more convenient and effeciency. AirLive CoreNVR also supports CamPro Mobile software for iOS and Android mobile systems, so you may connect to the CoreNVR at anytime as you need when you have smooth internet/WiFI connnections.
Multiple event detection and alarms to enhance security for your property
AirLive CoreNVR supports multiple event detection from motion, digital input detection, camera disconnect, HDD malfunction and schedule event trigger, all of them are able to send alarm through OSD display, digital output, Buzzer, trigger recording, e-mail, FTP, HTTP and TCP servers. Those alarm notifications provides you extra protection when such event occurs so you won’t miss any critical information.
Joystick, Mouse controlling interface for PTZ Cameras
AirLive CoreNVR is able to control IP cameras PTZ function with both mouse and USB interfaced joystick for fully control. Then joystick has 12 programmable buttons which allows you to re-define the configuration on the CoreNVR system.
CMS for AirLive CoreNVR
The CMS for AirLive CoreNVR is a software to manage CoreNVR systems, it can be used as a control room to manage up to 256 channels, with low bitrate transmission and unlimited group management, the CMS is able to view maximum 64 channels at a page and you may switch between groups to see up to 256 channels live view or maximum 16 channels playback at a page. The CMS for AirLive CoreNVR is good for franchise stores via internet or large installations under LAN area, or any environment where needs control center to monitor for multiple AirLive CoreNVRs.

  • Chipset:
ARM Cortex A9
  • LAN Port:
Giga RJ-45 Ethernet Port x 1
  • Video Output:
VGA x 1 + HDMI x 1
  • Audio Input:
MIC x 1 (phone jack 3.5mm)
  • Audio Output:
Phone Jack 3.5mm x 1
  • HDD:
SATAll HDD up to 3TB x 2
  • e-SATA:
e-SATA Port x1
  • Backup:
USB Mass Storage
  • LED Indicator:
PWR x 1, HDD x 1, LAN x 1, REC x 1, Event x 1, Alarm x 1, CAM x 1, DI x 4, DO x 4
  • USB:
Mouse x 1 / Backup x 1
  • Sensor In / Alarm Out:
Digital Input x 4 / Digital Output x 4
  • Button:
Factory Default Reset x 1
  • Buzzer:
Buzzer x 1
  • Video Codec:
  • Audio Codec:
G.711 / G.726
  • Video Resolution:
QVGA / VGA / SXGA / Full HD / 3M /
  • Throughput:
  • System Setting:
Resolution selectable, 1024x768 / 1280x1024 / 1366x768 / 1440x900 / 1920x1080
Display style selectable. Normal / Simple / Professional / Advance
Reset Default
Backup / Restore
Firmware Upgrade
System Restart
  • Live View:
1 / 4 / 9 / Division / Full Screen
Selectable display cameras
Two-way audio
  • PTZ:
Support PTZ cameras
Preset / Tour / Auto pan / Iris / Focus / Speed
Able to control by Joystick
  • Record:
Schedule / RTC / Motion Detection / DI Detection / Event Trigger
Pre-alarm / Post alarm configuration
Auto recycle
Save to internal HDD, eSATA or USB drive
  • Playback:
1 / 4 / 9 / 9 Division / Full Screen
Play / Reverse / Pause / Seek / Pre- I frame / Next Frame
Speeds: 1/4 , 1/2 , 1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32
Convert to AVI
Multi-Cameras Backup
  • Motion Detection:
Up to 10 regions
Adjustable Object Size and Sensitivity
  • Event Type:
Motion Detection
Digital Input
Audio Detection
Camera Disconnection
Schedule Trigger
HDD Error
  • Alarm:
Buzzer / DO / Display on Screen / Record / Snapshot / E-Mail / TCP / HTTP / FTP
  • Notification:
  • Schedule Setting:
RTC / Motion Detection / DI Detection / Event Detection
  • Network:
Fix IP / DHCP / PPPOE / DIPS Report / UPNP transversal
  • Snapshot:
Preview snapshot in HDD or removable device
Search event snapshot
Backup to USB device
  • Disk Management:
Partition management
Format partition
Samba management
USB removable device
Support RAID storage
  • Languages:
English / Traditional Chinese / German / Greece / Korea / Russia / Spain / Portugal / Polish / Czech
  • RemoteProgram:
Fully function remote live view and playback
Support low bit-rate connection
Selectable Camera Connection
IE 7 or above
iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Power:
AC100-240V/in, DC12V(4A)
  • Temperature:
Operating: 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Humidity:
Operating: 10%~80%
  • Dimension:
33.3 x 5.7 x 25.2 cm
  • Certificate:

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