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Ubiquiti Airmax (5-pack) AirGrid M2 HP 17x24 20dBi 2.4GHz CPE 100+Mbps 30km+

Part: AG-HP-2G20x5


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  • 5-pack-AirGrid M2 HP 17x24 20dBi
  • Completely Integrated CPE in the
  • Hi-Performance, Long Range
  • Integrated CPE 100+Mbps 30km+
  • AirGrid M2 HP 17x24

  • Hi-Performance, Long Range

  • Completely Integrated CPE in the

  • Feed of the Antenna

  • Easy Assembly and Installation

  • Includes:

  • Antenna Feed

  • Feed Support

Click Here to view Ubiquiti AirMax M2 HP 17x24” 20dBi Datasheet

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This Part Includes:

Qty: 5 x Part: AG-HP-2G20
Ubiquiti AirGrid AG-HP-2G20 2.4GHz Integrated Antenna 100+Mbps 30+km