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Ubiquiti Networks airFiber 3X (AF-3X) Carrier Backhaul Radio + (AF-3G26-S45) 26dBi Antenna for airFiber X 3 GHz Carrier Backhaul Radio 3GHz airFiber Dish **Up to 687 Mbps Real Throughput, Up to 200+ km Range**

Part: AF-3X BD01


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                                                                               Key Benefits of AF-3X:

  • Low noise floor (licensed band)
  • Higher power limits (compared to 5 GHz unlicensed)
  • Good propagation qualities for nLOS (near-line-of-sight)  and NLOS (non-line-of-sight)


Model: AF-3X

The airFiber AF-3X 3 GHz Carrier Backhaul Radio from Ubiquiti Networks is designed for long-range, Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul links. It features a high TDD throughput and Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD) technology that helps the device achieve low latency. The airFiber 3X also allows users to customize backhaul links or upgrade existing PtP links.

The airFiber AF-3X operates using the 3 GHz frequency band and features a range of 656,168' / 200,000m. Included with this device is a GPS antenna mount, an external GPS antenna, a metal strap, two cable ties, a 24V/1A airFiber PoE adapter with a mounting bracket, and a power cord.

  • Ubiquiti’s INVICTUS custom silicon and proprietary radio architecture are designed specifically for long-distance, outdoor wireless applications.
  • Carrier Backhaul for the World
  • Optimal Operation and Channel Configuration
  • Up to 500+ Mbps Real Throughput, Up to 200+ km Range
  • 2.4, 3, or 5 GHz (Full-Band Certification including DFS)


Model: AF-3G26-S45

Operating within the 3.3 to 3.8 GHz frequency, the AF-3G26-S45 26 dBi Antenna for airFiber X 3 GHz Carrier Backhaul Radio from Ubiquiti Networks produces a reliable point-to-point signal complete with a 26 dBi gain. In addition to the strength of the signal, users also benefit from a 7° (3dB) beamwidth and a wind survivability rating of up to 125 mph. Installation has also been simplified thanks to the included pole mounting kit while the weatherproof design allows the antenna to be deployed nearly anywhere.

  • Powerful Performance

The airFiber X antenna delivers 2x2, dual-polarity performance. The airFiber X antenna with the airFiber X radio can be deployed as endpoints in a backhaul link to deliver bandwidth from a WISP network out to a neighborhood tower. From there, an airMAX Sector antenna with a Rocket radio delivers bandwidth to the WISP's customers.

  • Carrier-Class Construction

Incorporating a dish reflector design for excellent beam directivity, the airFiber X antennas

Model: AF-3X

  • Range: up to 124 mi (200 km)
  • Up to 525 Mbps Real Throughput
  • Full Band Certification including DFS
  • Operates using the 3 GHz Band
  • Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD)
  • Low Latency
  • Enhanced Spectral Efficiency
  • Operation in Unlicensed Bands
  • Co-Location
  • GPS Sync & Clean Power Output



Model: AF-3G26-S45

  • 3.3 - 3.8 GHz Frequency Range
  • 26 dBi Gain
  • -33 dB F/B Ratio
  • 1.4:1 Max. VSWR
  • Up to 125 mph Wind Survivability


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Qty: 1 x Part: AF-3X
Ubiquiti Networks Full Band airFiber 3X AF-3X Carrier Backhaul Radio 3GHz (500 Mbps; 200 km range)
Qty: 1 x Part: AF-3G26-S45
Ubiquiti AF-3G26-S45 3 GHz airFiber 26dBi Antenna 45deg Slant Parabolic Dish