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Tycon Power Systems RPST-POWERVENT-24 PowerVent system for RPST (ENC-ST) enclosure


Tycon Power Systems

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  • The RPST-PowerVent is a field upgradeable power ventilation system for Tycon ENC-ST enclosures which are used in RPST Remote Power and UPS-ST Outdoor Backup Power systems.

  • The RPST-PowerVent unit replaces the existing access plate located in the bottom of the enclosure.

  • The RPST-PowerVent has a built in thermostat that turns it on when the temperature reaches 50 degrees centigrade (122F) and turns it off when the temperature falls below 50C.

  • The thermostatcontrol saves battery life in battery systems by turning on the fan only when needed to cool the interior of the enclosure. 

  • It typically takes less than 5 minutes to cool the interior of the enclosure to ambient temperature.

  • The system has stainless steel mesh filters which can be removed for cleaning.The unit works on 12V or 24V battery systems. It comes with a 1m long 2 wire cable to connect to a voltage source.



  • 12/24V Power Ventilation Adapter for

  • Tycon ST Enclosures

  • Field Upgradeable

  • Thermostatically Controlled

  • Only 1W Power Draw at 12VDC


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