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Brocade MLX, Expansion module, 10 Gigabit SFP+ / SFP (mini-GBIC) x 20

Part: BR-MLX-10GX20-X2


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Networks today are straining to support unprecedented levels of traffic due to high-bandwidth demands for on-demand personalized content. Leading-edge services such as high-definition video streaming, mobile broadband, and cloud services have significantly altered network traffic behavior. Instead of localized flows with occasional bursts, traffic flows are more collaborative over geographical distances and last longer. These new traffic patterns not only consume enormous amounts of network capacity, but also add a greater degree of complexity to network operations. Additionally, as many organizations look to offer IT services via the cloud, the need for networks to be cloud-optimized and cloud-ready is pressing. As a result, today’s network planners are seeking solutions that provide the right mix of scalability, performance, and operational simplicity.

The Brocade® MLX® half-slot 20-port 10 GbE/1 GbE combo module for Brocade MLXe Core Routers delivers 40 to 400 Gbps of throughput per half-slot module without compromising the performance of features such as Layer 2, IPv4, IPv6, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), OpenFlow-based Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and MAC security (MACsec). The 10 GbE/1 GbE combo ports deliver flexibility and scalability by enabling up to 640 ports of wire-speed 10 GbE or 1 GbE in a single chassis. This high-density half-slot module also uses less infrastructure to deliver services by helping to collapse network architectures, vastly improving operational efficiency and helping to reduce costs. In addition, the Brocade MLX 20-port 10 GbE/1 GbE half-slot module comes in two versions, offering a flexible scale-as-you-grow model with hardware Forwarding Information Base (FIB) capacity options in an –M version for up to 512,000 IPv4 routes or 240,000 IPv6 routes, or an –X2 version for up to 2 million IPv4 routes and 800,000 IPv6 routes.


  • Maximizes performance and investment protection for new software capabilities at scale with a programmable architecture built on Brocade VersaScale Packet Processor technology
  • Delivers 400 Gbps of throughput per half-slot module with full Layer 2, IPv4, IPv6, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and OpenFlow performance
  • Provides unmatched scalability and flexibility with 640 wire-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or 1 GbE (combo) ports in a single chassis and support for up to 2 million IPv4 routes and 800,000 IPv6 routes
  • Delivers integrated hardware support for OpenFlow 1.3 in the industry’s only true hybrid port mode, enabling SoftwareDefined Networking (SDN) for increased agility and programmatic control of the network
  • Is hardware-enabled for industry-standard MAC security (MACsec) and MACsec Key Agreement (MKA), enabling data privacy with support for flexible policy application on customer-owned networks
  • Provides a scalable and flexible solution for Internet service provider networks, cloud data center cores and borders, High-Performance Computing (HPC) networks, secure campus cores, and mobile and data center visibility applications

Comprehensive IPv4/IPv6 and Layer 2 support:

  • High-performance, robust routing using Forwarding Information Base (FIB) programming in hardware
  • RIP/RIPng, OSPF/OSPFv3, IS-IS/IS-IS for IPv6, and BGP-4/BGP-MP for IPv6
  • Secure Multi-VRF routing for supporting virtual routing applications over nonMPLS backbones
  • VRRP and VRRP-E • Connecting IPv6 islands over IPv4 MPLS using IPv6 Provider Edge (6PE) routers 
  • 6VPE enabling IPv6 multitenancy to the edge of the cloud • BFD Holdover for OSPFv2/3 and IS-IS
  • BFD for Static Routes
  • BFD for OSPFv3
  • ND6 IPv6 Prefix Suppress
  • IS-IS Graceful Restart Helper Mode
  • 127-Bit IPv6 Interface Addresses

Software-Defined Networking (SDN):

  • OpenFlow 1.3: QoS (for metering and enqueue), Group Table (select and fast failover), QinQ (TAG type autorecognition), Active-Standby Controller, IPv6, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 (controller interface)
  • Brocade OpenFlow in hybrid port mode with support for sFlow, IP, and MPLS/ VPLS (uplinks) with protected VLAN for additional flexibility
  • Up to 64,000 flows per module (-X2)
  • 12-tuple matching for a diverse set of applications

MPLS support:

  • BGP auto-discovery for VPLS endpoints
  • MPLS-PBB- (B-VID + I-SID) based interworking
  • MPLS over GRE • BFD for RSVP-TE LSPs
  • LDP Inbound and Outbound FEC Filtering • RSVP Liberal Bypass LSP Selection
  • Link Protection Request for RSVP Fast Reroute
  • RSVP Hello Messages for Neighbor Failure Detection
  • RSVP TE Link Metric for CSPF Computation
  • Static Route over RSVP LSP • Inter-VRF routing with MPLS LSP and MPLS VPN
  • Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT) support for routing over VPLS
  • Map a VLL to a specific group of LSPs

Phenomenal scale:

  • Carrier trunks: Advanced LAG, ECMP, LSP load balancing
  • Terabit trunks with 64×10 GbE LAG

Comprehensive OAM support:

  • 802.1ag, Y.1731, 802.3ah, UDLD
  • Fine-grained timers (3.3 ms) with 802.1ag

Advanced resiliency:

  • NSR for OSPF, IS-IS, multicast
  • Graceful Restart for BGP, OSPF
  • In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU)

Scalable Carrier Ethernet:

  • MEF 9, MEF 14 compliant
  • G.8032 v1/v2 for ring resiliency
  • MRP (Metro Ring Protocol)
  • Virtual Switch Redundancy (VSRP)
  • MCT
  • Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB)

Advanced visibility, statistics:

  • sFlow for granular network traffic accounting
  • sFlow support for MPLS LSR and LER interfaces
  • Flow- and port-based mirroring
  • Per-queue counters
  • Per-VLAN, port+VLAN, per-VE counters
  • GTP session-based filtering and load balancing


  • Virtual Output Queuing (VOQ) architecture


  • IEEE 802.1AE: Media Access Control Security (MACsec)


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