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Brocade ServerIron ADX 1000-PREM, Load balancing device, 8 ports, 10Mb LAN, 100M

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The Brocade ServerIron ADX Series of application delivery switches enables organizations to scale network performance and differentiate service offerings without compromising on performance and reliability. Purpose-built on a scalable, distributed architecture, the Brocade ADX Series combines hardware-based multitenancy with application and infrastructure load balancing, application security, an application scripting engine, simplified management, and auto provisioning to optimize cloud service delivery.

Delivering Efficient, Scalable, and Agile Cloud Services without Compromising on Performance

Cloud computing technologies have transformed how organizations design and operate their data centers. More than ever, they must find a cost-effective means to scale capacity to support business growth, maximize infrastructure utilization, and increase operational efficiency and business agility.

This requires a resilient and adaptable network that can facilitate the rollout of new services or applications in real time. The underlying infrastructure must be able to consolidate network resources into shared, reusable assets, allowing administrators to more efficiently distribute workloads and manage peak traffic while adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Moreover, it must allow organizations to streamline data center operations and automate workloads within their virtual and physical infrastructures, to help ensure predictable and reliable service delivery.

Brocade application delivery solutions provide the flexibility and scale to meet the demands of service-driven data centers—all without compromising on performance and reliability. Whether an organization requires purpose-built hardware or shared multitenancy systems, the Brocade ServerIron ADX 1000, 4000, 10000 Application Delivery Switches provide a full range of platform options.

The Brocade ADX Series is used by the world's most demanding service provider networks and large enterprise data centers. With the Brocade ADX Series, these organizations gain a highly scalable and carrier-grade platform designed to ensure the cost-effective, reliable delivery of cloud services and maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Highlights include:

  • Increases business agility by adapting service infrastructure to fluctuating business demands
  • Maximizes infrastructure consolidation with Brocade ADX multitenancy, helping to reduce CapEx and OpEx by up to 75 percent
  • Enables on-demand performance and capacity scalability with a pay-as-you-grow licensing model for fixed platforms and fully interchangeable modules for chassis systems
  • Eases the deployment of new and differentiated revenue streams to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) via the open and flexible Brocade OpenScript engine
  • Minimizes the investment risk of cloud-optimized network deployments with Brocade Network Subscription
  • Enables control of application management and provisioning via the SOAP/XML API, easing integration with third-party or homegrown orchestration and automation tools

Connections Per Sec (CPS):

  • 93,750

Transactions Per Sec (TPS):

  • 625,000

Application throughput:

  • 2 Gbps

DNS queries/sec (stateful):

  • 137,500

DNS queries/sec (stateless):

  • 562,500

Maximum SSL CPS:

  • 1625

Maximum SSL TPS:

  • 7250

SYN flood protection (attacks/sec):

  • 3,750,000

Hardware DDoS protection (packets/sec):

  • 3,750,000

Maximum concurrent connections:

  • 4,000,000

Maximum concurrent sessions:

  • 8,000,000

Packet-switching latency:

  • 20 microseconds

Maximum number of VIPs:

  • 32

Maximum real servers:

  • 257

Maximum application ports:

  • 2085

Maximum number of tenants (multitenancy):

  • 1


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