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DCX8510-4 2PS 0P 2CP 2 16GB 0 SFP BR

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Brocade DCX 8510 Backbones are the industry’s most powerful Fibre Channel switching infrastructure, providing the most reliable, scalable, high-performance foundation for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments. They are designed to increase business agility while providing non-stop access to information and reducing infrastructure and administrative costs.

A Foundation for Private Cloud Storage Networks

Networks need to evolve in order to support the growing demands of highly virtualized environments and private cloud architectures. Fibre Channel, the de facto standard for storage networking, is evolving with the data center. The introduction of Brocade DCX 8510 Backbones with 16 Gbps Fibre Channel delivers a new level of scalability and advanced capabilities to this robust, reliable, and high-performance technology. This enables organizations to continue leveraging their existing IT investments as they grow their businesses. In addition, they can consolidate their Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructures to simplify management and reduce operating costs.

Highlights include:

  • Unleashes the full potential of private cloud storage with unmatched scalability, performance, and reliability
  • Enables simpler, flatter, low-latency chassis connectivity to reduce network complexity, management, and costs
  • Optimizes data center connectivity over distance with integrated high-performance metro and global connectivity
  • Simplifies and centralizes end-to-end Storage Area Network (SAN) management with comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring, and automation
  • Maximizes performance for I/O- and bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Protects investments in existing SAN fabrics and automation tools while reducing operational costs and minimizing business disruption


  • Full fabric architecture of 239 switches

Certified maximum:

  • 6000 active nodes; 56 switches, 19 hops in Brocade Fabric OS® fabrics; 31 switches, three hops in Brocade M-EOS fabrics; larger fabrics certified as required

Special-purpose blades:

  • Brocade FS8-18 Encryption Blade provides plug-in encryption of data on disk or tape, supporting industry-standard AES-256 and DataFort-compatible encryption mode (16 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports; up to four blades; requires Brocade Network Advisor).
  • Brocade FX8-24 Extension Blade provides SAN extension over IP networks (12 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports, 10 1 GbE ports with license option for up to two 10 GbE ports per blade; up to four blades).


  • Fibre Channel: 2.125 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 4.25 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 8.5 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 10.53 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 14.025 Gbps line speed, full duplex; auto-sensing of 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps port speeds; 10 Gbps and optionally programmable to fixed port speed

ISL trunking:

  • Frame-based trunking with up to eight 16 Gbps ports per ISL trunk; up to 128 Gbps per ISL trunk
  • Exchange-based load balancing across ISLs with DPS included in Brocade Fabric OS

Chassis bandwidth:

  • Brocade DCX 8510-4: 4.1 Tbps per chassis (192 ports X 16 Gbps data rate + 1.024 Tbps ICL bandwidth)

Slot bandwidth:

  • 512 Gbps (data rate)

Local switching bandwidth:

  • 512 Gbps for Brocade FC16-32: 32 ports X 16 Gbps (data rate)
  • 768 Gbps for Brocade FC16-48: 48 ports X 16 Gbps (data rate)
  • 256 Gbps for Brocade FC8-32E: 32 ports X 8 Gbps (data rate)
  • 384 Gbps for Brocade FC8-48E: 48 ports X 8 Gbps (data rate)
  • 512 Gbps for Brocade FC8-64: 64 ports X 8 Gbps (data rate)

ICL bandwidth:

  • 1.024 Tbps; 16 ICLs provide the equivalent of 64 16 Gbps ports. Each ICL port provides 64 Gbps bandwidth over a QSFP (4X16 Gbps) link.
  • Frame-based trunking is enabled between four ICLs. DPS distributes exchanges across all frame trunks.

Switch latency:

  • Locally switched port latency is 700 ns; blade-to-blade latency is 2.1 μsec; encryption/compression is 5.5 μsec per node; Forward Error Correction (FEC) adds 400 ns between E_Ports (enabled by default).

Maximum frame size:

  • 2112-byte payload

Frame buffers:

  • 8192 per 16-port group on 32-port blades and up to 8192 per 24-port group on 48-port blades, dynamically allocated

Classes of service:

  • Class 2, Class 3, Class F (inter-switch frames)

Fibre Channel port types:

  • D_Port (Diagnostic Port), E_Port, EX_Port, F_Port, M_Port (Mirror Port); self-discovery based on switch type (U_Port); optional port type control

Media types:

  • 16 Gbps: Brocade FC16-32 and -48 require Brocade hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 16 Gbps SWL, LWL
  • 10 Gbps: Brocade FC16-32 and -48 require Brocade hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 10 Gbps SWL, LWL
  • 8 Gbps: Brocade FC16-32 and -48; Brocade FC8-32E and -48E; Brocade FX8-24; and Brocade FS8-18 blades require Brocade hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 8 Gbps SWL, LWL, ELWL
  • 8 Gbps: Brocade FC8-64 blades require Brocade hot-pluggable mSFP, mSFP LC connector; 8 Gbps SWL only
  • ICL QSFP: Brocade CR16-8 and CR16-4 require Brocade hot-pluggable QSFP, MTP connector; 4X16 Gbps SWL
  • Fibre Channel distance subject to fiber-optic cable and port speed


  • 1 USB port per control processor for firmware download, support save, and configuration upload/download

Fabric services:

  • Brocade Advanced Performance Monitoring (APM) (including Top Talkers for E_Ports, F_Ports, and Fabric mode); Brocade Adaptive Networking (Ingress Rate Limiting, Traffic Isolation, QoS); Bottleneck Detection; Brocade Advanced Zoning (default zoning, port/WWN zoning, broadcast zoning); Dynamic Fabric Provisioning (DFP); Dynamic Path Selection (DPS); Brocade Extended Fabrics; Enhanced BB credit recovery; Brocade Fabric Watch; FDMI; Frame Redirection; Frame-based Trunking; FSPF; Integrated Routing; IPoFC; Brocade ISL Trunking; Management Server; NPIV; NTP v3; Port Fencing; Registered State Change Notification (RSCN); Reliable Commit Service (RCS); Brocade Server Application Optimization (SAO); Simple Name Server (SNS); Virtual Fabrics (Logical Switch, Logical Fabric)

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