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Brocade, CFP transceiver module, 100GBase-LR4, SC single mode, up to 6.2 miles,

Part: 100G-CFP-LR4-10KM


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Today’s service provider networking environments and enterprise data centers are undergoing an infrastructure transformation, requiring higher speeds, greater scalability, and higher levels of performance and reliability to better meet the demands of business. As speed and performance needs increase, optical transceivers have become an integral part of overall system design. However, optical transceiver design margins and parameters vary widely, and can be the difference between an optimized, highly reliable fabric, and incompatibility issues that drive up support costs.

The Brocade® 100 Gbps LR4 (10 km) Ethernet optical transceiver, part of the Brocade family of optical transceivers, is optimized to fully leverage the Brocade MLXe 100 Gbps router. Together, these optical transceivers provide state-of-the-art performance, helping IT organizations achieve new levels of infrastructure consolidation while expanding the capabilities of their applications and services.


  • Provides high system reliability based on rigorous qualification and certification testing
  • Leverages unique design parameters to provide the highest performance with industry-leading Brocade solutions to support business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Complies with 100GBASE-LR4 (IEEE 802.3ba) optical specifications, helping to ensure compatibility with other standards-compliant optics
  • Helps eliminate issues resulting from unexpected design changes, providing ongoing end-to-end compatibility
  • Optimizes connectivity with Brocade platforms to enable maximum cable distance


  • 4×25.8 Gbps line speed, full duplex


  • Hot-pluggable, industry-standard C Form-Factor Pluggable (CFP), Duplex SC; 10 km single mode

Operating parameters:

  - Transmit (Tx):

  • Wavelength: 1294.53 to 1296.59 nm

                                1299.02 to 1301.09 nm

                                1303.54 to 1305.63 nm

                                1308.09 to 1310.19 nm

  •     Average power: 4.5 dBm max per channel; 10.5 dBm max (all channels)
  •     RIN: −130 dB/Hz max
  •     Optical return loss: 20 dB max
  •     OMA: −1.3 dBm min per channel

  - Receive (Rx):

  • Wavelength: 1294.53 to 1296.59 nm

                                1299.02 to 1301.09 nm

                                1303.54 to 1305.63 nm

                                1308.09 to 1310.19 nm

  • Average power per lane: 4.5 dBm per channel
  • Optical return loss: −20 dBm max
  • Unstressed sensitivity: −8.6 dBm max per channel
  • SRS OMA: −6.8 dBm max per channel
  • 3 dB cutoff maximum: 31 GHz


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